Don't lose YOU - YOU are what the world needs

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2017

You have a passion for improving your life and the lives of those you impact, for changing the world, for creating income, serving others, and making substantial money!  I applaud you for that.  I too have that passion.  

You work really hard.  Being an entrepreneur has it's joys and dangers.  There is no time clock.  There is no boss.  No start times.  No end times.  No vacation days.  No performance reviews.  No layoffs.  

Makes it so easy to drive yourself endlessly.  I can get caught up in it.  Never feeling done.  Never having accomplished enough.  I can lose Gena.

That's the dangerous place to be.  Because if I lose Gena, I cannot serve.  I'm the only me and you are the only you.  We have unique gifts to offer, but they will dwindle to the ordinary if we don't nurture what makes us unique.  

Take care of yourself.  Give yourself time and space and quiet.  Do some regular things.

Take a day, or at least a few hours and do what you love.  It shouldn't even cost you anything (well, maybe the price of a cup of coffee).  I'm not talking about an expensive spa day.  I'm talking about the everyday oh so very ordinary things that allow you to be you.

I took a couple days lately and left my business pursuits in the shade.  I decluttered my house.  Yes, I enjoyed that.  I trimmed back all the shrubs and pulled all the dead perennials.  I walked with my husband.  I ran errands with my daughter Grace.   I felt the growing stomach of my daughter Liz where my grandson lives.  

I found me again. Now I can give more.

Please do that for yourself.  Do it for the world. 

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