Finding Cash Buyers isn't that hard!

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2017

I know they sound like unicorns jumping through rainbows the first time you hear about them.  But, believe me!  There are cash buyers swinging from the trees right now.  Real estate is hot!  Sexy!  Everyone wants in the game.  

Let's review the top ways to find cash buyers for those great wholesale deals you create:

* Search google:  "We Buy Houses" + city name

* Search youtube: "We Buy Houses" + city name, and "Real Estate Investing" city name

* Call on craigslist ads

* Post craigslist ads

* Bandit Signs

* Calling Landlords

* Networking at your REI Club

* Attending auctions and talking to those who bid

* Facebook Groups

* Linked In

Grab an idea or two here and get to work.  Please post your comments, questions, and progress reports below. 

Be of Good Courage!



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