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Uncategorized Feb 24, 2017

I would say the number one fear from new investors is making the first call.  Now, I know that it’s probably deeper than that…fear of failure, rejection, messing things up, losing a ton of money, etc.  But the number one fear inducing activity is making a cold call.  A call that you cannot control what they will say.  A call that petrifies you as you don’t know if you’ll know the answers to the questions they ask.  The dreaded paralysis that stops you because you could look like a fool.  Well, get over yourself and do it anyways. 

I know easier said than done.  You don’t know what you’ll do if they don’t want to work with you.  Here’s what you’ll do…You’ll thank them for their time and you’ll call someone else.  What it’s really that simple yes, it’s as simple as telling your mind, “Next!”  Plus, the bonus is that person really doesn’t know who you area.  If you saw them later that day at the bank or the grocery store, they have no idea that it was you on the phone.  If it truly was a cold call, that person doesn’t know you Joe from any other Joe in town. 

So I still haven’t won you over to convince you to make calls.  Okay, fine – I’m not a quitter so I’ll give you some alternatives to get people coming to you.

1.       If you’re looking for a good realtor and you’d prefer them to contact you first well let’s make that happen.  Get on or Zillow and start looking at houses.  No do not spend all day there, that’s a waste.  Find a house that meets you desired criteria (needs work, price reduced, says as is, etc.)  Fill out the request more information box on that listing.  A agent then will reach out to you to try to show you the property and you can request additional listings that are similar to this one.

2.       If you’re looking for cash buyers and you want to know if they really are looking for their next deal.  Get on and post an ad for a house that is similar to the house you just looked at on or Zillow.  Tell the story in a way that would get an investor excited about the possible deal.  The ad doesn’t need to have pictures or even the address, just the story serving at the carrot to draw them in.  If your ad does the possible deal justice you’ll get many requests from excited and hungry cash buyers. 

So no matter what, you have to take action.  If you won’t make the call, request information or post an offer to draw them in.  Some will be worthwhile and others you may still need to say “Next” to.  However, you’ll start building your team and network to move you forward to the success you desire. 

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