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Uncategorized Mar 10, 2017

What will I say when they ask me X?  That’s a petrifying thought.  What if I don’t know the answer?  I’ll look like a fool.  We have a tendency to panic and then not do anything. 

Well, I have a solution…Ask open ended questions.  Focus less on what you’re going to have to say and focus more on how to keep them talking.  The best way to gather information is to listen.  If you want to listen, you have to ask questions that allow the other party to talk. Questions that require one word answers isn’t going to cut it.  For example, “Do you like two story homes ore single story homes?”  That’s probably not going to lead to a lot of discussion.  

So let’s talk about questions that can get you more information without you leading the majority of the discussion. 


·         What areas are moving the fastest in today’s market?

·         What have you heard about business growth in town and what areas are going to benefit from that?

·         What areas have your other clients excited with possibilities and why?

·         Do you have other people in the business you can recommend to me (ie lenders, contractors, etc)?

Other Investors:

·         What are you doing right now to find deals?

·         Can you tell me about the last deal you did?

·         What was your favorite deal over the years and why?

·         What are your biggest struggles right now as an investor?

·         Do you have other people in the business you can recommend to me (ie title companies, property management companies, etc)?

Asking the right questions and listening can yield endless knowledge growth.  Being genuinely interested to what others have to say make conversations fun and are quite valuable.  So ask the right questions and get the knowledge you need to move yourself forward!

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