Reaching Further with Real Estate Investment Clubs

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2017

I don’t know if you recognized the logo I used for an image, but it’s from the store REI.  It stands for Recreational Equipment, Inc.  Well, when I see the REI store and logo I don’t just think camping gear, I think ADVENTURE!  That’s what this journey is all about – An Adventure!  So buckle up as this ride is taking off. 

We’ve spoke of the values of REI Clubs (Real Estate Investment Clubs) many times over the years.  You’ve heard it and probably nodded and said yeah, yeah, yeah, we know. However, you may not be taking advantage of all the REI club can offer your business.  So what can they offer and how can you take advantage?

First, Networking!  These clubs are full of likeminded people.  Some are doing lots of things and have been for years.  Others may be new to the business and just starting out.  These are both opportunities for you to leverage your business.  Those with more experience can help guide you on where to invest or where to seek additional resources.  Those that are new could be hungry and ready to work – put that energy to work by allowing them to bird dog and dig up deals for you. 

Second, Power Team Members!  REI clubs often have sponsors.  Most sponsors are businesses in the real estate field.  Better yet, many of these businesses are investor friendly – that’s why they’re sponsoring a club.  Talking to each of these sponsors at a meeting or offline at a different time can be a fabulous opportunity.  The initial discussions are often free and you can gleam a ton of information.  Additionally, this could turn out to be the title company you’ve been hoping for or the lender that allows you to make that next deal a reality! 

Finally, Inspiration!  I’ve never left a real estate club meeting thinking that was a waste of my time.  For some reason every time I’m in a meeting I get pumped.  It’s the energy of likeminded people.  It’s the new ideas that get brought about.  It’s the belief that anything is possible being shared by others.  It’s the energy that only a room of entrepreneurs can generate.  

Don’t miss your opportunity.  Get signed up and join a meeting today!

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