Spring Cleaning

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2017

OK, well maybe I'm pushing the "Spring" thing a bit - but I do see daffodils about to burst here and forsythias and crocuses and pussywillows (which my youngest, at age 21, recently referred to as "fuzzy doggies")  Oh how I love Spring!

Most of us do.  Why?  The newness, the cleanness, the hope.

Remember growing up, the ritual of "Spring Cleaning"?  I don't think it's a thing anymore, so if you are way younger than me, you may not be aware of this phenomenon.   Come with the crocuses were the mops and sorting bags.  Mom would clean every inch of the house, under furniture, baseboard and such and sort all the closets and drawers with a vengence.  Not like she didn't clean every other week - sometimes just a "lick and a promise", but our house was always clean and tidy.  Yes, but come Spring ...

Let's Spring Clean our business, shall we?  What dust bunnies have accumulated?  Do you have mindless routines you keep doing, without results?  Agents that aren't getting it?  Bandit signs still in your trunk (oh sure, you meant to put them out).  Stop today and assess what is and isn't working for you.  Sort out the garbage, shine the china and let's get our business to bloom.

Do you have any questions we can help you with?  We would love to walk through the tulips with you, so let us help you pull the weeds!

Please post below. 

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