What are you waiting for?

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2017

There is no perfect time.  There is no imperfect time.  

Stepping forward, stepping out, never feels right.

Feelings are deceiving.  Feelings can fool you.  You are not a slave to emotion.  Emotion is fickle. Emotion runs scared.  

Thoughts will tell you "no".  Thoughts will tell you it can't be done; at least not by you.  But who's thoughts are those?  Do you have to believe every thought that enters your brain?  Your conscious thinking can mislead you, deceive you, hinder you. 

Just make the decision.  Step forward boldly now.  Not tomorrow.  Certainly not someday.  Your dream will not wait.  The world needs you to be bold now.

Be of good courage.  Take the step.  Stop waiting.  


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Marketing your Wholesale Deals

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2016

Congrats! You got a deal under contract, not an easy task in today's market. With your grit and persistence, you've accomplished the more difficult part of putting a wholesale deal together. Unless you can sell the hard-earned deal to a cash buyer, all that work is a waste. Effective marketing of your wholesale deals is essential.
What information has to go into your marketing? Everything the buyer needs to know to make a decision! Provide the address (assuming you have the property under contract), the ARV (After Repair Value), and substantiate this value by listing 3-5 recent, nearby comparable sold properties. For these comps, provide the address, date sold, sales price, date of sale, beds/baths/square footage and distance from subject property. Give an estimate of the renovation costs and the major items that are included in this estimate. Have links to dropbox, google drive or the like with dozens of pictures and even a narrated video walkthrough. (You can do all that on your...

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Breaking the Habit

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2016

Our lives are often largely determined by factors we never fully notice: our habits, those unthinking, automatic choices that surround us each day.  They guide how we get dressed in the morning and how we fall asleep at night.  They affect what we eat, how we do business, and whether we exercise or have a beer after work.  
Each of our habits has a different catalyst and offers a unique payoff.  Some are simple and others are complex, drawing upon emotional triggers and offering subtle neurochemical prizes.  However difficult, habits can be adjusted and changed.  Some simple habits could be afternoon snacking due to boredom or something as compulsive as checking email and Facebook every 5 minutes to see what’s changed.  These habits are the things that drive our lives and frankly start to overtake our lives and not necessarily for the better.  
Challenging habits is not just a matter of willpower, despite what you’ve probably...

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Break me off a piece of that…

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2016

You’ve been busting your butt.  Working really hard and hopefully you’re starting to see that hard work pay off.  Maybe you’re not seeing it as much as you’d like.  Well part of the problem is at this point you may be working too hard.  You’re craving success, but are also craving a little you time.  
I’m giving you permission to take a break.  No more self-inflicted guilt trips.  Cut yourself some well-earned slack (now my caveat to that is…Make sure you do something every week or even every day to keep moving yourself forward).  
Here are 8 things that I believe can be healthy for you to do to reward your efforts.
Order In Dinner – too crazed to cook a fabulous dinner for the fam?  Grab some healthy takeout and save that roasted rosemary chicken recipe for tomorrow.
Skip a workout – It’s not slacking off; it's well-deserved recovery time (mentally and physically).
Be a Slave to bad...

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"This is not always easy :( " ...

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2016

she said. 

I was texting with a newer real estate investor just the other day.  Ah! the woes of bandit signs, the trials of mail campaigns, the competition, the lack of inventory ...  None of it works here.  Sound familiar? 

Tell me your story - but wait - just a sec - I'll fetch my violin. 

Let me tell you something if you haven't figured it out by now.  This real estate investing thing is almost never easy.  It's real work.  It's grit and persistence.  It's a thousand no's.

But for those of us with fortitude, with the "I will not and cannot be stopped" belief, there lies our freedom, our security.  We are dealing in the field of shelter which is a human necessity.  Our business will never be eliminated. 

So take hold tight of the reins.  Dust of the weariness of the journey and claim your prize.  You will have earned it!

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Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you Tomorrow!

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2016

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You Tomorrow, You're only A Day Away!

Yes, that mystical place where things will happen. Of course not today, because today something came up. Or today, I'm too busy. Or even I just don't have the energy today. So instead of taking action today, I put it off until tomorrow.

We're all guilty of this. We all have days that we don't do what we said we would or as much as we should. This should be the exception not the rule. This cannot be a standard behavior that we allow in our lives or the Success will never come.

So Today, Yes, TODAY! Take Action!!! Do not keep postponing activities you need to do to be successful. Realize that you are also postponing your bigger, better, brighter future. You deserve better - so Do better!

Do what you said you'd do!
Do more than you feel like!
Do what doesn't feel comfortable!
Just Do It!

Why - Because, you deserve it!!!

Best of Success,

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Goals can make your dream a reality

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2016

We all struggle to be the best we can be. We all struggle to make our dreams a reality. We all feel like we're doing the best we can, we're all busy, and we're all doing our best. Then how come we still feel disappointed with our results?

Well, I've found over time that our goals may not be fully clear. Are you dreaming wonderful dreams of your future. Is that dream a little different everyday? Are you always thinking that your time will come, but not putting a deadline on it?

Remember you have to take your dream, put it down on paper and commit to making it a reality. First step is defining that dream as a goal. Once it is written down, the next step is to take one direct action toward your goal. It doesn't have to be life changing, but it has to be something. You need to do something to get this goal moving forward.

Next step is to tell someone about it - the sooner you get an accountability buddy the sooner you'll have support. As humans we have a tendency to let ourselves down,...

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The Journey begins...

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2016

What's the famous saying? "Every journey begins with one step." Well, this is the step. Up goes the website. Here I write a first blog. Our book is about to be launched into the world. Do you know the story of how Moses' mother hid him? Pharaoh had ordered all the baby boys killed. So Moses mother hid him as long as she could, then she put him in a waterproof basket and let him go to float on the Nile River. There, an Egyptian princess found him and raised him as her own. And - of course Moses went on to do amazing things! Think - the 10 Commandments! Well, it may sound silly, but I feel a bit like that mom putting our baby, i.e. book, out to float in the world. I hope you will read it. I pray it will change your life.
Andrea and I are here to hold your hand on this new breath taking path. The scenery is spectacular!
Blessings & Favor

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Uncategorized Jul 14, 2016

Welcome Friends, one and all. Andrea and I are jumping for joy that you have joined us! You are now a treasured part of the A Time for Profit Family. Walk with us on this journey to reach your true potential and unlock the doors of success in real estate. You can do this. We are here to guide you. Hang on, take a deep breath ... HERE ... WE ... GOOOOOOO!

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