"A Time to Profit" autographed book at a steal of a deal

Just for you at the REAPS Investor Expo!  Grab a copy of our popular, life changing book,  A Time to P...

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Freedom In Real Estate - FIRE!

This comprehensive curriculum will set your investment business on FIRE.  Included, as a portion of the lessons,...

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Creating Profitable Deals

What you need to create deals in today's real estate market is not what worked six years ago, or even six months ago....

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Create Profitable Goals

Concrete tools, along with plenty of Gena & Andrea flavored inspiration, to make goals work for you! We all need ...

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Market Analysis

Without a doubt market selection can be a defining factor in your success as a real estate investor.  Don't thro...

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Get Both (& save) "Creating Profitable Goals" & "Market Analysis"

Goals without action are just an exercise.  Diving into a market without knowing what you want to achieve is lim...

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Mentoring Calls with Gena or Andrea!

Congratulations!  You are taking bold steps on your path to greater success and profit.  Working with Andr...

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