Onsite 2 or 3 Day Business Kick Starter

The fastest path to growth is to work with those at the highest level of achievement.  Nothing can propel you ahead like working in person, hand in hand, with someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk.
Time and again Andrea and Gena are asked to work along side an investor, hold their hand; GET ER DONE. 
This is the experience they have created to meet this request. 
Andrea or Gena will fly to your hometown (or your investment market) and spend 2 or 3 full days (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) holding your hand and guiding your steps to move you forward in your real estate investment business.
The exact activities will be determined based on your goals and where you are in your business.  Whether a brand new investor or seasoned, Andrea or Gena will work with you according to your specific needs and desires. 
*Business Strategy
*Market Selection
*Business Plan
You will:
*Discover Solutions to Breakthrough your Roadblocks
*Catapult Ahead by Utilizing their Years of Experience to Build Efficiencies.
Together, as appropriate, you will:
*Implement Strategies to Determine your Market Based on your Goals
*Build or Assess your Team
*Explore Funding
*Identify Potential Investment Properties and Move Forward with Acquisition Steps
To make this time together most production, you will receive a planning call prior to the onsite visit and a post event call one week after the Business Kick Starter.
This is a 100% customized experience for YOU.
(and of course they will feed you delicious lunch)
Working together with Andrea or Gena - each having more than a decade of successful investing experience and each having mentored hundreds of investors across North America - can erase many fears, dissolve many roadblocks and take you miles down your road to greater success!

This offering is extremely limited, so don't hesitate.   Reserve these days now.



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